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Growing Tips For The Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree You should plant the

Growing Tips For The Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree You should plant the dwarf weeping cherry in a large hole and provide plenty of space for the roots to distribute. The root ball should be in level with the ground, but by filling your hole with peat moss and allowing for root penetration, you are giving your tree a head start in being a healthy specimen. A narrow hole can lead to tangled roots, and this is the main cause of many of the problems associated with these kinds of trees. Mulch Mulch the area around the base of the tree thoroughly to prevent weeds. In the early days, you will be watering the cherry thoroughly and the moist ground can be a great breeding ground for weeds you do not want. Experts suggest a thorough soaking of the base in the first few days, and then a pattern of watering every three days until new growth appears. Once that happens, you can water once a week. Fertilizer You should use fertilizer appropriate for flowering trees. Choose the water-soluble variety or the slow-release fertilizer stakes. The latter means that there is no danger of you forgetting to fertilize. Pruning The other key element of caring for the dwarf weeping cherry is the pruning. You can train the tree to take the shape you want and there are many who choose a mushroom look. However, having picked a weeping cherry, there is much to be said for going with the natural flow of the tree. You can trim enough to control the growth and yet get the gracefulness of the floating branches if you go with the natural look. The best time to prune is after the flowering spring season.MariaDivina

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